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All dressed up and no place to go

dressed up

All dressed up and no place to go

So here I am. A year after I first got the idea of writing a book about Abel Tasman’s discovery of New Zealand, and I am ready to roll.

I went out and bought a van, moved into it, and converted it into a home-office. I fitted it up with an unreasonable amount of technology, and put enough solar panels on top to light a small town.

I’ve read about all there is to read about Abel Tasman and his voyage. I’ve studied Maori and Polynesian history, and I’ve prepared the structure and factual content of the book, as well as many of the illustrations.

I’ve learned how to make movies, how to work my 2 camera’s and how to edit both video and audio.

I’ve registered the domain and built a blog site for it, and my friends from The Marketing Heaven will support me on social media.

I know where Abel Tasman was on each day of his visit, and I know the closest places I can get to that for each of those days. I know where all the features are that he mentions in his journal and drew on his chart, and I know how to get to them.

I’ve researched just who was occupying the coastline he traverses, and I’ve traced their paths back to their Polynesian origins.

I have a plan of where I’m going, and what I’m going to do at each location… it’s time to hit the road.

There’s just one snag…

dressed cold

In an icy gale at an outcrop in Staffordshire

…I’m in England.

I come from a very small family; I only have one niece and one nephew… and they are both getting married, just a month apart (thank you Lisa and James for organising it that way). This is an occasion that can’t be missed, and so I’m in England for a few weeks. I’ll not get back to New Zealand until March 19th… then it will be ‘all on’.

In the meantime, I’ve completed construction of the ‘Six Boats’ blog, and loosed it on the web. At this moment, as I launch it, there are only a few entries; some introductory stuff, some how to’s… and this.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be putting posts up here that deal with all the stuff to do with Abel Tasman’s voyage that’s not tied to a location in New Zealand; his journey from Jakarta to Mauritius, to Tasmania, and across the Tasman Sea. I’ll be telling you about his journey, his ships, his people, and the practicalities of his voyage.

I’ll also be starting off the Voyage of the Kurahaupo, this is the first of the four waka’s included in my story. I’ll be describing their journey; from Polynesia to the Cook Islands, and then what happens between Rarotonga and their arrival in New Zealand. I’ll be telling you about their boats, how they built them, and how they sailed them.

That’s a lot of material to get through before I hit the road and get into the ‘on-location’ parts of the stories. It will certainly keep me busy for the remainder of my time here in England.

I hope you enjoy what I’m going to post here, and that you’ll find something interesting things about the very early history of New Zealand and it’s first settlers.

I would be really nice if some of you join me on my trip by sending me notes in the ‘comments’ portion of the blog… I will be very pleased to have the company as I travel.

All the best,

Dave Horry.

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