Why don’t you see what happens when you press that “Upgrade now” button Dave

Well I did, and I can tell you.

Take the blue pill…. it’s a lot safer.

The consequence of “upgrading” this blog to the latest version is that everything collapsed into a pile of mush. Well, not everything. To be fair only the bits that remained were mush.

I hope you like reading, because one of the consequences of the upgrade is that all images from the whole blog were dropped when the upgrade “improved” itself by replacing what was there with new code. It did this by deleting the old structure completely and putting in brand spanking new stuff.

The new stuff did not include all the images from my former pristine blog.

If I ever find the imbecile that wrote that “upgrade” script I’ll show him what I understand by spanking.

It will take me some time to put this back together. When it’s back I’ll tell you all about where you can buy my book.

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