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  1. Sarah Ell

    Hi Dave
    I am an Auckland-based freelance writer and history graduate. I am working on a book for Penguin Random House which is looking at NZ’s relationship with the sea over time, from Maori history through early explorers, immigrants, industries, recreation etc. As part of the project, I am conducting a series of interviews with contemporary subjects about their relationship to the sea and how it has shaped their lives. I have seen your fascinating blog and read about your adventures (and have just discovered your book), and I wonder if you would be interested in talking to me about it – about how it came about, your discoveries, and also your personal perspective. Would you be able to contact me at the email address which presumably you can see attached to this message?
    Many thanks
    Sarah Ell

  2. Michael Ross

    I have just discovered your research through the Abel Tasman website run by Penny Griffiths.
    My research in this same subject area is copied on that site.
    A group of us are planning major-scale ocean-based research following Tasman and the polynesian navigators.
    I think you would be a wonderful partner.
    Please email me with your contact details so we can talk.
    nga mihi.

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