The Goon with the landing light

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It was a beautiful day here at ‘Wind in the Willows’. I awoke with the sun as usual and stretched in the low sunlight of the morning. As I sipped my morning coffee I watched a flock of about sixty swans (including this year’s young) paddle around getting their breakfast.

I moved my office outdoors and knuckled down to some work… then took a break mid-afternoon and shot you this quick video.

Heems at sunrise

The Heems at sunrise

This evening I have new company.

The Goon with the generator is still here, and he has a new and irritating toy… a flashing green light. Quite what he needs a landing light for on the side of Lake Karapiro I don’t know, but it must be annoying the hell out of my new… and rather surprising new neighbour.

George (I’ll call him George) arrived late this afternoon in a black VW Golf. Now there’s nothing unusual about that, even the colour, black, is normal for a Golf. It is unusually small for campers, but then… ‘it takes all sorts’.

Heems at sunrise

The office

What was unusual was who came with him. George jumped out of the car, followed by… three, yes three dogs… But even that wasn’t what surprised me the most. Behind the dogs came a cat… and behind the cat… came three kittens.

All seven proceeded to explore the neighbourhood, and pretty soon had the Goon’s dog in tow as well.

George has no tent and is sleeping under the stars, but I’m guessing he won’t be feeling alone.

Jetty at sunset

My jetty at sunset

I’ll go and see him in the morning, he must have an interesting story to tell. For me, it’s getting late now and time for bed; I have the stars, more-porks and cicada’s for company.

I hope you enjoy the video and the photo’s (click to enlarge).

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