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The Heems at Wind in the Willows

The Heems at ‘Wind in the Willows’

‘Convection showers my arse’ I said putting a reef in the awning.

That was the forecast, … “convection showers”.

My attention had been grabbed by the flapping of fabric as my awning got rattled by a sudden gust. Half the sky was blue, and half black. The wind came in sharp little gusts, and the temperature had dropped noticeably. I looked at the cows in the neighbouring paddock. They were gathered under the trees.

‘Convection showers my arse’ I repeated, rushing to move my laptop and radio inside before the imminent deluge. By the time I had shortened my awning to a metre, and was all powered up again inside, the thunder was rolling long and free. Three days of beautiful weather was going to take a break for a while.

A hour later the cows under the trees had moved on… and so had the thunder.

Cows are smarter than meteorologists.

It was a productive day, but sometimes things can get frustrating. Just as I was about to put up the latest post on the Kurahaupo’s progress I saw a problem. On my fifteenth re-read I realised that I’d said something several times that could cause problems…. “Aotearoa”

In the Kurahaupo voyage diary I’d repeatedly referred to New Zealand as “Aoteatoa”. Wrong. The people on the Kurahaupo could not possibly have referred to this place as “Aotearoa”, that didn’t come into use as a name for the country until much, much later. So I changed it, and then checked back through all the other posts to make sure I didn’t have the same mistake there.

It’s a constant issue, checking that the detail of everything is all correct. Just because I think I remember reading something somewhere doesn’t make it so… or true.

Still, all in all it’s been a good day.

‘George’ moved on with his menagerie, and indeed, he did have an interesting story to tell… ‘truck driving goat herder’ he called himself… he keeps a herd of goats in his back yard. The Council dropped by and mowed my lawn for me, we had some decent rain for the farmers, I had some advice on where to park-up at Castlepoint and I was even offered a glass of 30 year old port… but then you can’t have everything can you.

This evening I’m watching TV as I work. “Mr Selfridge” is on, and I like that, but I am getting more that a hint of ‘deja vue’ as I watch; these are the same episodes as I saw in England while I was over there.

I’ll watch the news later… but if I want to know what the weather’s going to do… I’ll ask the cows.

One final note: I’m sure the Goon with the generator is still disturbing the peace somewhere… he’s just not doing it here anymore.

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