A break in the weather

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Today the rain eased and by lunchtime had brightened somewhat. I packed up the Heems and headed ‘round to where I am filming the sequence about the wreck of the Kurahaupo. It’s the beach that Nukutaurua Road runs along on the northern coast of the peninsula.

The gaps between showers didn’t let me get much done. In all I might have perhaps 15 seconds worth of final content… but, it’s progress.

I did get a lot of the peripheral shots done… all the ‘cut away’ shots I need; out to sea, rocks, along the beach, watercourses etc. So that was all good.

It was good to put the keyboard down for a while and get the camera’s out.

There are a few stars out tonight, and the forecast for tomorrow is looking sort of OK so with any luck I’ll have another go then.

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