Arrividerci Piha

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This is it

I took myself up to my favourite sunset spot this evening and shot this short video, and in the morning… I’ll be gone.

Last sunset Piha

My last Piha sunset for a while

After months of preparation and planning it’s time go.

Piha, and the people here have been very good to me, and it’s sad to leave. But then, it’s not forever… and it’s not as though I’m going to go anywhere bad… well at least, not for long. If I don’t like where I am, then I won’t stay longer than the time it takes to snap a couple of pics and split.

I only have a few final bits and pieces to do… my last load of washing is still on the line, and in the morning I’ll do the last of my dishes… and then one last good shower… that I’ll definitely miss.

Other people might rate campgrounds by their Kitchen facilities, child’s entertainment area… whatever. For me the criteria I remember above all others is the showers. Most campsites offer you a choice… either a dribble of hot water, or a lot of tepid water. Piha is among the very few I’ve stopped at that gives you a lot of hot water’… and I’ll definitely miss that. I’ll be looking forward to that on my return… along with seeing a couple of special smiling faces; Fiona and Kevin. Thanks for everything, and I’ll see you again soon.

Kevin, remember I’m coming back to help build a shed and a fence… don’t have all the fun without me!

I’m on my way South, to start following Abel Tasman’s course, but as I’m telling that story I want to simultaneously tell the Kurahaupo story. The two paths collide dramatically on December 18th 1642, and I want my accounts of the Voyage of the Kurahaupo, and the Voyage of Abel Tasman to coincide at that point too. This means I have to advance the Kurahaupo story quite quickly.

By the time I reach the South Island I need to have progressed the Kurahaupo from French Polynesia, through Rarotonga and the Kermadec’s to New Zealand. From there they went down the East Coast. I’ll join their journey at Mahia, where they abandoned the Kurahaupo, and follow their path onward from there.

My immediate task therefore is to get the Kurahaupo story up to where I will join it at Mahia, and I’ll do that on the Banks of the Waikato… at ’Wind in the Willows’.

So for now… that’s it. Arrivederci Piha… I’ll see you when I get back.

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